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Wellington Microtech is committed to reducing carbon emissions by providing renewable diesel and renewable naphtha to the fuel market.



Wellington Microtech is developing a 3,000 barrel per day biofuel refinery located in Wellington, Utah, that will produce renewable diesel and renewable naphtha. The company will utilize a patented technology capable of processing a variety of inexpensive feedstocks that traditional biorefiners cannot utilize. Wellington Microtech will produce 41.2 million gallons a year of renewable fuels which have been demonstrated to reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by 75% compared with petroleum-based fuels.


Strategically located on 46 acres, the facility enjoys excellent rail, highway, and utility access. The site will be equipped with six ladder tracks, capable of holding 74 cars.  The Castle Valley Industrial Lead adjoins the Union Pacific railroad and is served by Union Pacific, BNSF, and Utah Railways. This provides rail competition, which should allow the facility to receive feedstock and ship finished fuels efficiently.

Benefits of the Fuel

100% Renewable and Sustainable

Lower Emissions

Drop-In Ready

Superior Performance

Benefits of the fuel




Gasoline Tankers

Oil Barrels

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